Renae Reed grew up in Midwest Iowa with a life long dream of becoming a hair stylist. Ever since she can remember doing hair has been her passion. “At four years old I would study hair stylists – I recall focusing solely on their hands using the scissors, watching exactly how this motion would create a style.” “Once I got older I was always the go to friend for hair – proms, homecoming, weddings etc. I did it all” Renae went straight to beauty school after graduating high school, and after working for 3 years in Iowa, she and her husband made the brave and adventurous decision to head west. “I grew up California dreaming. I didn’t like the winter, so my vision was palm trees and sunshine.” While looking at their options in California, Renae and Sean decided that Arizona was a better fit. “California didn’t have the design school my husband was looking for, and it was much more expensive. Plus we had a couple of friends that lived in Scottsdale.” Renae started her career in Scottsdale at Beauty First Salon. After working in a few different salons that requested her expertise, Renae went ‘out on her own’ and officially became her own boss.

“After the birth of my first child, I needed to be able to set my own hours. I had enough clients that were supportive of me going out on my own so I made the decision to rent space at Canyon Falls and it’s been amazing!” Not surprising, Renae was able to not only maintain her business, but saw substantial growth. So much so that if you don’t book weeks in advance, an appointment with her is nearly impossible to get. When asked why she believes her success has been what it is Renae says it’s largely because of her blunt, honest approach with her clients. “I will sit and ask a potential client about their lifestyle, and the time and energy they put into their hair. If they are asking for a style that requires daily time and maintenance for it to look the way they are wanting and that doesn’t match their schedule I will recommend they go with something more basic.” “The same goes with color. Countless times I get requests to do color that absolutely will not turn out the way they are thinking it will. Someone will show me a photo of a cut and color that their heart is set on. I will know instantly based on their natural hair color and texture whether or not that is feasible for them. And if it isn’t I am honest. This isn’t always what they want to hear, but I refuse to take money for a cut and color that won’t produce the results they are hoping for.” “I have so many clients that come to me after they are disappointed with their hair cut/color from somewhere else because others will try to do what their hair cannot. Communication is key. I have found that most people have never received an educated explanation as to what will and will not work for their hair. Once they have that understanding they are happy with their results.” This personable, practical approach to hair is what has given Renae the reputation as a color specialist around the city.   “I never over process, and can color correct the most impossible hair gone wrong situation.”

Aside from doing hair, Renae is a partner in the salon’s boutique, Enhance. She does all of the buying and organizing of the merchandise, and is thrilled to be adding more products this spring. Renae also just began carrying the high end Davines line of hair products. It is an eco-friendly company that prides itself on it’s beauty and sustainability concept. “Their products are amazing for all types of hair, and I am love with the scent!”

To book an appointment with Renae you can contact her at Canyon Falls Salon in Scottsdale.

Andrea has been a Scottsdale native for 20 years. Originally from Kamloops, British Columbia Canada Andrea developed a love for the outdoors and creative arts at a young age. After graduating high school Andrea immediately began work in the fashion industry traveling all over Asia. She then studied Fine Arts in College where her love for photography emerged.  Andrea has traveled all over the world and one of her favorite things to document is her friends and families authentic experiences through photography.  Running her own photography business allowed her to keep her creative juices flowing while raising her family. Andrea and her husband Shane have 4 children.