When Patrick was in the 8th grade his friend took him flying in her Dad’s airplane.  That was a pivitol day in his life.  From that moment on Patrick knew he had found his passion, and thus began his journey towards becoming a pilot .  In 2015 Patrick began taking flying lessons.  After trying out various instructors at the Scottsdale airpark, he eventually ended up with Sierra Charlie Aviation. Under the instruction of Nick Mattingly, Patrick was able to fly more regularly to obtain the hours he needed.  In the spring of 2017 as a high school senior, Patrick received his Private Pilot license.  “The feeling of flying is like no other.  There is something special about soaring through the air in a piece of hollow tin.” “Your perspective on things change greatly for the better when flying above everyone and everything.”  Patrick explains that his first solo flight was one of the most nerve-wracking experiences of his life.  “I was so nervous I felt like throwing up, but once I completed it, it was one of the best feelings ever.  Something I will never forget.”

Around the same time Patrick began his flying lessons, he started an aviation instagram account.  What started as a fun way to share aviation Photography, @insta.plane has grown to a well know instagram account within the industry boasting of  200,000+ followers.  This has not only provided Patrick with great connections and opportunities within the aviation community, it has become a source of income for the savvy college student.

Patrick’s ultimate goal is to have a career in aviation where he gets to fly everyday.  “It’s too early to tell whether that’s more corporate or airline focused, but my dream job would be to fly a famous celebrity around.  If that falls through then I would love to be an Alaskan bush pilot.”  When asked if growing up in Scottsdale (born and raised) has played a key role in his dreams of becoming a pilot, Patrick answers with a resounding YES!  “The idea of the Scottsdale Airport enchanted me in my early Aviation years. My love for the city, and the flying I did around it goes hand in hand.”  “The people and connections are abundant in Scottsdale, and that is something that should not be taken for granted.”

Andrea has been a Scottsdale native for 20 years. Originally from Kamloops, British Columbia Canada Andrea developed a love for the outdoors and creative arts at a young age. After graduating high school Andrea immediately began work in the fashion industry traveling all over Asia. She then studied Fine Arts in College where her love for photography emerged.  Andrea has traveled all over the world and one of her favorite things to document is her friends and families authentic experiences through photography.  Running her own photography business allowed her to keep her creative juices flowing while raising her family. Andrea and her husband Shane have 4 children.