Catching up with 18 year old college student and entrepreneur Jenna Mazel

Jenna, how long have you lived in Scottsdale and what would you say is your favorite part of the city?

I was born and raised in Scottsdale.  I love how pretty Scottsdale is, there is so much to do outside and being an outdoorsy person I just love the desert areas, sunsets and of course the weather.  Growing up here is a big reason why I was excited about staying in state for college.

Where are you attending college and what are you studying?

I am attending ASU Barrett Honors College, and studying Bio-Medicinal chemistry.  It’s basically the pre-med and pre-dental program, so I’m in a lot of chemistry and biology classes……and calculus (which is not fun)…….all to become a pediatric dentist hopefully.

Why Pediatric Dentistry?

I really like working with kids, and I also hope to do research in the field of pediatric TMJ.   Because of my personal experience with jaw pain and TMJ, I really want to be able to help children struggling with similar issues.  I also think it will be fun and love that I am following in my Dad’s footsteps.

What made you decide on ASU?

When I toured the school I absolutely fell in love with the campus.  There were so many opportunities and so much going on I felt an instant connection.

You also run a small business on the side.  How to you manage school and work?

Yes, I create hand knit products like beanies and scarves, and do custom lettering.  It’s really cool because through my sorority I have made a lot of connections with other schools, and we have a Kappa Delta Facebook page that I can sell my products on.  I also have an Instagram account (@shopjennalynn) where people can DM me and put in orders.   Managing both school and work takes a lot of time management and planning.  If I have 20 minutes between classes I will get out my wool and knit a beanie….and I drink A LOT of coffee!!

Is this {hobby} turned business something you would want to turn into a career?

I definitely plan on expanding my business while pursuing my undergrad degree.  I am in the process of deciding where I want to attend Dental school, and understand that more of my time and attention will eventually go towards my dental career.  If I stay local I can see myself continuing my business while attending Dental school, but I am also looking at schools in New York, California, and most recently Texas.  So I guess I’ll have to wait and see what happens.

What are your favorite restaurants and what advice can you offer those visiting Scottsdale?

My favorite restaurants are Blanco Taco, Flower Child and True Food, and my biggest advice for those visiting would be to get outdoors and explore — there are so many places to see here.  I highly recommend Camelback Mountain for hiking,  and to check out all of the fun outdoor shopping areas.  Oh! And you have to grab an AJ’s ice tea because it’s the best!

Andrea has been a Scottsdale native for 20 years. Originally from Kamloops, British Columbia Canada Andrea developed a love for the outdoors and creative arts at a young age. After graduating high school Andrea immediately began work in the fashion industry traveling all over Asia. She then studied Fine Arts in College where her love for photography emerged.  Andrea has traveled all over the world and one of her favorite things to document is her friends and families authentic experiences through photography.  Running her own photography business allowed her to keep her creative juices flowing while raising her family. Andrea and her husband Shane have 4 children.