Dawn Cernak was born in St. Charles, Missouri, moving and living in Texas for 8 years and then in her adolescence moved with her family to the Valley of the Sun. She has been living in Scottsdale with her daughter and two dogs since 2008. Dawn is the owner and CEO of a home health care company called On Angel’s Wings, Inc. Since its inception in 2001, her teams have been serving the special needs and dually diagnosed populations throughout the State of Arizona in various capacities from Group Homes, Day Programs, Vocational and Home and Community Based services. Dawn never dreamed this would become her passion as she had originally started college for environmental studies. It wasn’t until she took a job as a floor staff in a group home of 5 women that were dually diagnosed (at the age of 19 years) that she realized she had found her true calling. Having zero experience in the social services field, Dawn was a quick learner when it came to the needs of the clients she was serving and moved quickly up the private corporate ladder. “I knew that I was able to connect with compassion, love and empathy. I’m a high energy person and so were most of the folks I was working with, early on, I observed that this was a field of work that was fascinating and fulfilling to me. Over the years, I have made and continue to make some beautiful and amazing personal/work relationships”. After working in the private sector for 7 years, Dawn wanted to continue learning about the field as a whole so decided to take a job as a Support Coordinator with the Division of Developmental Disabilities/Department of Economic Security. She worked in Case management for several years then was promoted to the Resource department. Back then, many job hats were worn and Dawn was able to glean a plethora of information, working in housing placements/resolutions, investigations, contract renewals, person centered planning and training. After 6 1⁄2 years of working for the State of Arizona, Dawn recognized a great need and took a risk. She resigned from her job with the State and with the help of many good people, started On Angel’s Wings, Inc. in October of 2001. “I believe this is a precious population that needs our protection. I came up with ‘On Angel’s, Wings’ for that exact reason”. What started with 5 staff members and 10 clients has grown to a staff of 389 that serves over 560 individuals with special needs and dual diagnoses. Dawn has had the same 2 directors almost since the inception of the company and has known them from the beginning of her career, which she credits to the success of her company. “I could not have grown or reached the continued success without them. I am so very thankful and blessed to all of my management teams”. When Dawn is not saving the world one precious person at a time, you can find her traveling around the globe with her 13 year old daughter or on the California beaches enjoying time with her daughter, two dogs, family and friends while immersed in a good book.

Andrea has been a Scottsdale native for 20 years. Originally from Kamloops, British Columbia Canada Andrea developed a love for the outdoors and creative arts at a young age. After graduating high school Andrea immediately began work in the fashion industry traveling all over Asia. She then studied Fine Arts in College where her love for photography emerged.  Andrea has traveled all over the world and one of her favorite things to document is her friends and families authentic experiences through photography.  Running her own photography business allowed her to keep her creative juices flowing while raising her family. Andrea and her husband Shane have 4 children.