Brijet Whitney is the co founder of The Athletes Guide, an online resource guide and community for families of professional athletes. Being married to NHL star and Stanley Cup Champion, Ray Whitney (who boasts of a 23 year pro hockey career!), Brijet is no stranger to this lifestyle.

Born and raised in Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta Canada, Brijet learned at a young age what it takes to run a small business. Her mother is the owner and director of their city’s most successful dance studio. Brijet trained in central Alberta while continuing to become one of the studio’s top choreographers. After attending University of Alberta studying foreign languages, Brijet worked as a professional dancer throughout North America.   During her college and dance years she met and married her husband Ray. Ray’s hockey career began in Germany, and after a short duration in Europe, Ray and Brijet moved back to North American. Their hockey tour looked something like this: Utah, Kansas, California, Alberta, Florida, Columbus, Michigan, North Carolina, Arizona, Texas and then back to hang up the skates in Arizona. Woa! If anyone knows what it’s like to live life by the seat of their pants, being prepared to move across the country to start all over again at a moments notice, it’s Brijet Whitney. “When a player gets traded, they literally leave immediately. It would be up to me to provide security to my kids by remaining calm and collected about the move.” “I would have to hide all the uneasiness I was feeling and act like we were on one big adventure.” “Then on my own while driving around a huge city completely lost and knowing no one I would cry.” “Athletes Guide was my was of giving back to my hockey community providing comfort to families in this same situation.”

The Athletes Guide offers resources and information about sports cities throughout North America. If a player is traded or signs in a different city, the families have an immediate source that they can turn to. Doctors offices, real estate agents, schools, neighborhoods, restaurants, shopping centers etc. are not only provided on the website but recommended by other families that have lived in the cities themselves. This provides instant trust and peace of mind.

Upon Ray’s retirement from the NHL, he and Brijet and their 3 children have made Scottsdale their permanent home. “Scottsdale is the perfect place for myself and my family, not only to live and put down roots, but to run my business. All four major sports are located in the Phoenix area and there is large community of retired professional athletes.” Brijet’s goal is to continue to grow the website to reach professional sports throughout the world, and there is no doubt she will accomplish that.

Andrea has been a Scottsdale native for 20 years. Originally from Kamloops, British Columbia Canada Andrea developed a love for the outdoors and creative arts at a young age. After graduating high school Andrea immediately began work in the fashion industry traveling all over Asia. She then studied Fine Arts in College where her love for photography emerged.  Andrea has traveled all over the world and one of her favorite things to document is her friends and families authentic experiences through photography.  Running her own photography business allowed her to keep her creative juices flowing while raising her family. Andrea and her husband Shane have 4 children.