An Instagram-worthy ice cream museum has popped up in Scottsdale and is here until June 30th! Although they are closed on Mondays, they are open Tuesday- Sunday from 11 am to 8 pm. The exhibit features several rooms with different ice cream inspired decor; such as their ice cream cone room, a banana split and even a pool full of sprinkles (just to name a few)!

You have 60 minutes to enjoy and take in the colorful and delicious surroundings. Each room was specifically designed by an artist that specializes in the art of ice cream. Artists such as Dawn

Bowman, Katie Von  Kral and several more are featured in this exhibit. You can learn more about their art and designs online at

Although ice cream is notoriously cold, the museum itself is not cold and does not require a jacket! The event is perfect for ice cream enthusiasts of all ages and to purchase tickets you have to go to their website at, 2018-16442298014 and pick a time and date. Ticket prices range depending on the participants’ age; children under 3 admitted for free, Kids 4-11 are $15, and adults are $25!

If you are looking to go on a Tuesday before 3/27, you can buy one ticket and get the second half off!

And if you didn’t think this exhibit could get even more delicious; at the end of the art-walk is an ice cream sampling room and free ice cream bar!

Check out some photos below!

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